Biodiversity Warriors and Saka Wanabakti Talk About Migratory Bird

Biodiversity Warriors and Saka Wanabakti Talk About Migratory Bird
25 Mei 2016
Biodiversity Warriors
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Biodiversity Warriors continue toinvite people to recognize and maintain biodiversity, especially in the capital. This time, Saka Wanabakti held a seminar for the 2016 members and invite Biodiversity Warriors as interviewees.

Saka Wanabakti is a forum for Penegak Scout and Pandega Scout to plan useful, productive, andd real actions. They aims to built in responsibility to the conservation of nature resources and environment.

On opening speech by Mrs Sri rahayu Maykewati as the chief executive, she said “Don’t know then don’t love. The seminar purpose is to introduce mangrove ecosysteem and urban forest biodiversity in Jakarta. We hope in the end of seminar Saka Wanabakti members will be aware for the existence of biodiversity around them”.

“Not only care but Saka Wanabakti members have to be the conservation actors” said Mrs Sri in Marine Services, Agriculture, and Food Security DKI Jakartaa province tecnical building (17/05).

Saka Wanabakti formed as the place for forest education to the scout, mainly Penegak Scout and Pandega Scout. So they can help to maintaining and developing actions in conservation of natural resources and environment as their loyalty for community, nation, and state development.

Material given in the seminar are Introduction of Mangrove Ecosystem and Urban Forest Biodiversity in DKI Jakarta by Ahmad Baihaqi as Capture Nature Jakarta Biodiversity Warriors Coordinator-Yayasan KEHATI, then the another material is Mangrove Forest and Urban Forest Role in Urban Area by Ir. Ateng Sutisna.

Ahmad Baiihaqi explain that mangrove ecosystem is one of the migration birds area in capital. “Because of extreme weather in the birds home country, they migrate to a place that has suitable temperature and provide a food source, Indonesia is an example. In Jakarta, one of birds migrate location is Muara Angke Wildlife Reserve in North jakaarta” said Ahmad Baihaqi who also a member of BBC “Ardea” in Biology Faculty of National University, Jakarta.

But, the arrival of migratory birds in Jakarta is not smooth as their journey from home country. The presence of this winged creatures can not escape from hunt, whether ffor the trade or as a nice meal in the table. Abay (Ahmad Baihaqi nickname) was affirmed “Wildlife poaching, mainly migration birds in Indonesia is often occur. We need coordination from many parties to suppress the number of hunting, one of the way is through socialization about wildlife role in nature that can affect human life”.

This seminar give a great impression to the community and stakeholders to give more attention to wildlife protection especially the migration birds from hunting and trafficking.


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