Citizen Scientist a la Uhamka Jakarta University Student

Citizen Scientist a la Uhamka Jakarta University Student
23 Mei 2016
Biodiversity Warriors
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Celebrating International Earth Day on 22 April 2016, Ikatan Mahasiswa Pecinta Alam (IMAPALA) of Prof. DR. Hamka Muhammadiyah Jakarta University held seminar and workshop entitled “Training and Observing Urban forest Biodiversity” in Cijantung urban forest and Dukuh urban forest, East Jakarta on 29-30 April 2016.

“Before observing in urban forest, the participants given debriefing about assessment of biodiversity, tecchniques for wild animal observing, and nature conservation motivation” said Aditya Ramadhan as the head event.

Come as interviewees are Mr Agus P. Dharma, S.Pd, M.Si and Ahmad Baihaqi from Biodiversity Warriors, then Fadlik Al-Iman from Green Indonesia Club.

The urban forest is a group of trees growth in the city. Their existence is very important for the ecological balance of human being in various ways such as oxigen producer, noise reducer, recreation, and improve a person’s happiness. More over, the existence of urban forest also serves as wildlife habitat.

Adit (Aditya Ramadhan nickname) said “Wild animal that we usually see around is decreased along development in Jakarta. So, the observation is aims to forsee wild animal in capital”.

Dozens of participants are divided to small groups and tracing all urban forest track. Remarkably the participants who come have different education background, there are economy, nutritions, english, and engineering.

Observation last for two days, in Saturday (29/04) held in Cijantung urban forest on 14.00-17.00 WIB and then Sunday (30/04) held in Dukuh urban forest on 08.00-10.00. “This activity is very exciting and can gather new experience. I realized how happy I am when doing field obervation”. Said Rizky Hijriati one of the participants in biodiversity observation.

Rizky Hijriati said “Coincidentally there is garden around my house, so i will try to observe birds that life there”. Aside from biodiversity observation in urban forest, they also do dividing and planting tree seeds, tie dye shirt creations, and bycicling around campus while campaign in reducing carbon emision. Hope the meaning of earth day celebration not only for a day but for everyday. Let’s learn our surrounding biodiversity then together preserve them. So our future grandchildren not only know about the name but can enjoy their beauty in nature.

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