About Us

About Us

Formed by the KEHATI Foundation in 2014, Biodiversity Warriors (BW) is a youth movement that aims to popularize Indonesia’s biodiversity, both in terms of its uniqueness, potential, benefits, and preservation. BW members carry out activities, both offline through field practice, and online on social sites and media through the loading of articles and photos.


  • Popularizing biodiversity in Indonesia
  • Make an article about Indonesia’s biodiversity, so that information about its benefits and uniqueness can be arranged well so that it is easy to understand
  • Build the sensitivity of the younger generation to Indonesia’s biodiversity
  • Conducting environmental improvement by changing people’s mindset through interesting information related to life
  • Building a network of young people focusing on biodiversity
  • Providing forums (online and face-to-face) for young people to support them and with scientists
  • Getting knowledge and training related to biodiversity and environmental issues in Indonesia

  • Has an extensive network among fellow members of biodiversity warriors throughout Indonesia

  • Have the opportunity to intern at KEHATI Foundation and partners

  • Have the opportunity to appear at national and international events

  • Getting funding assistance for activities related to biodiversity and environmental conservation programs in Indonesia