Striving for Conservation of Indonesian Biodiversity

Striving for Conservation of Indonesian Biodiversity
30 July 2020
Biodiversity Warriors
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Starting from an interest in the world of bird conservation and observation, Indeka decided to join the KEHATI Foundation’s Biodiversity Warriors in 2014, as one of the pioneers’ representatives from Jakarta State University. As a BW member, Indeka has a lot of networking with other BW members, and continues to be involved to popularize biodiversity to young people, starting from elementary school to college.

One of the activities participated by Indeka was to become a facilitator for children from 5 natural schools in Jakarta in commemoration of International Forest Day 2017. Another activity, namely, Indeka was also entrusted to fill the National Seminar activities organized by the Nycticorax Bird Watching Group UNJ related to ethnoornitology and its development in the archipelago.

Not only conducting awareness campaigns, Indeka is also active in biodiversity observation and research. One of them is participating in the Jakarta Capnature activity, which produces the Jakarta Search book, Revealing the Biodiversity Potential of the Capital City. Indeka is also one of the surveyors who assisted TFCA Kalimantan in Linggang Melapeh, West Kutai, East Kalimantan to map the biodiversity potential in the tourist village.

His interest in bird conservation led him to join one of the hornbill research teams in Hornbills Indonesia to monitor the Hornbill Hornbill population in West Kalimantan, as well as provide awareness to the people there.

Indeka is not complacent and continues to be active in developing itself in conservation programs and continues to be involved in awareness-raising activities on the importance of conserving biodiversity for human life. Indeka knows that every human being must be involved in biodiversity conservation activities in Indonesia. And this begins with the awareness of the community.


1. The team of the Jakarta Search book, Reveals the Biodiversity Potential of the Capital City

2 Surveyor Potential biodiversity of Linggang Melapeh

3 Facilitator for 2017 International Forest Day Camp

4. Indonesian Hornbill Research Team for monitoring Hornbill populations in West Kalimantan.

5. The DKI Jakarta Environment Department’s biodiversity Survey Team in the context of preparing the Jakarta biodiversity profile and the Jakarta Biodiversity Management and Protection Master Plan.

6. Speaker of the National Seminar on Revealing Nusantara Ethnoornitology KPB Nycticorax UNJ

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